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Costa Rica is one of the best countries to visit especially when you love fishing. There are so many places in the Costa Rica where you could go out and enjoy different find of fishing. On the one hand fishing in Costa Rica is really exciting and on the other hand fishing in Costa Rica is also very dangerous and nail biting especially when you do it in the Quepos.

Quepos is wicket popular for extreme sports fishing. The Quepos sports fishing is recognized as one of the best sports fishing adventures in the Costa Rica. Quepos is also one of the popular places in the Costa Rica for surfing. This place is also known as a paradise for the surfers because here you will be able to enjoy best surfing.

Although, doing fishing in the Quepos is always a great fun but before getting into it you need to take necessary permits from the local administration and association. Quepos is a popular place and here you will get every opportunity for fishing but since this place is also very extreme therefore you need to take some basic fishing lessons if you are a amateur fisherman whereas you need to take the skill test if you are already a professional fisherman.

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