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Costa Rica is a place where you could enjoy the FAD fishing at its best. There are many places in the region which are popular for the wildest of the FAD fishing adventure. There is numerous water species which is ideal for the FAD fishing. FAD is known as the Fish Aggravating device which is used to identify the big game fish inside the ocean, so that it becomes easy catch for the fishermen. Ropes and lines empower the settlement of marine plants and little scavengers and mollusks, which thusly draw in little fish. Fish discoverers might be joined to a FAD enabling anglers to electronically “associate” to the FAD and perceive what number of and at what profundity the fish are found. Creatures close to the FADs are then collected with seines, snares, or long lines.

There are different sorts of FADs:

  • Static FADs are tied down to the ocean bottom
  • Free-coasting FADs are not tied down
  • Crazes are best at drawing in grown-up savage fish when sent in water further than 400 meters (1300 feet).
  • Prevailing fashions can be conveyed in shallow nearshore waters available to high quality anglers.

Overall, FAD fishing in Costa Rica is a magnificent thing to do and being fishermen you could never ask for anything better.

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