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Have you ever tried doing fad fishing in the Costa Rica, if not then probably you have missed one of the most enthralling adventure of your life. Although, fishing is quite popular all over the Costa Rica, but there is something special with the FAD fishing. This form of fishing is basically quite different from other types of tradition al fishing, because it is done with a device which is known as Fish Aggregating Device or commonly known as FAD.

FAD fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica is among the most popular adventure sports and activities. Every years there were fishermen’s both armature and professional comes from the different parts of the world in Costa Rica to try their hands on FAD fishing. In comparison to other form of sports fishing, basically Fad fishing is more extreme and dangerous. It involves lot of risks and possibly critical injuries, therefore it is always been advised to enjoy doing fad fishing either with a professional fishermen or with a private fishing charter service. Despite of the danger, you could still enjoy the adventure by hiring a fad fishing charter in Costa Rica.

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