Costa Rica Fad Fishing

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Fad fishing is completely a different form of fishing and in order to enjoy the best fad fishing there is no other place better than the Costa Rica. Here, you will be delighted to find some of the most extreme fishes in the Costa Rica Ocean. This is one of the most extreme forms of fishing and here you will be delighted to see getting little fishes pull out in the water with a harness and a trap.

When you board into a fad fishing boat, then you would probably see the captain and fishing crew could be easily dragging a 250-pound blue marlin vaulted into the air and then witness more magical. This type of fishing is not only exciting to watch but more adventurous to perform. Although, in order to do fad fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica, first you have to take the permission from the local administration and then you have to seek the services of a charter boat. Fad fishing is bit risky, therefore it should always been done under the supervision of the professional fishermen or a fishing crew. The best season for doing fad fishing in Costa Rica is from February to June.

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