You may have questions. We probably have answers.

Is it really free? What's the catch?

Boatzo is really completely free and always will be, no catch! We make our money off premium users who decide they want a little more out of their boat blog. We do after all have some pretty great features that come with our premium plan! However, if you decide the free plan is all you need, it is truly free for life.

What if I can cancel my premium account, will all my posts be deleted?

Great question! No, we will simply downgrade your account to a free version unless you specifically want us to cancel (and delete) your posts. With that said, you will lose your custom domain name (yourwebsite.com) when you are downgraded to a free account which will result in all of your post URLs changing from yourwebsite.com to boatzo.com/yourwebsite. We also cannot promise that if you ever decide to re-upgrade that your same custom web address will still be available. If it's not, you will have to select a different web address.

I want to sign-up but I already have a domain name registered with another company, can I use it?

Absolutely! Head on over to our checkout page and make sure you select one of our PAID plans (the free plan does not allow you to use your own domain), during the process you will have the ability to either take us up on our FREE domain, or use your existing. We will give you specific instructions in your welcome email on how to point your existing domain to the Boatzo servers.

If I later want to use my domain name for something else, will you allow me to transfer it away?

Of course. Just let us know. You will be responsible for any fees related to the transfer process and any renewal fee with the new registrar.

What forms of payment do you accept, is my information safe?

We accept all major credit cards through our payment processor, Stripe. Stripe is a world leader in payment processing and is 100% secure. We do not store any of your sensitive payment information on our servers.

What's the future hold for Boatzo?

We have big plans! We have a large social integration that will be occurring in the near future as soon as we have enough users onboard and posting great content. We plan to allow users to follow other boating blogs as well as search for specific posts based on location. It will become a big sharing community. Of course we will always have privacy options available to our premium users should you want to keep your blog private.

I have a different question that was not addressed?

We are very open to feedback (positive & negative) and questions. If you have a feature you wish was included or a question you think should be on this page, please contact us, we typically respond within a few hours.

Stop fiddling with complicated drag and drop website editors. Boatzo is made for you, the boating blogger!

Best of all, it's free!